After the Storm
VHS  |  22 minutes
All across America, people live, work and play in watersheds without knowing it. As this video shows, protecting the nations; water resources will take the awareness and effort of individual citizens. Three case studies focus on the interconnections between water supply, water quality and the economic vitality and quality of life in communities. Co-produced by the EPA and The Weather Channel.

Fate of a River: Revisited
VHS  |  30 minutes 
In 1965, the Junior League of Toledo produced a film entitled: Fate of a River: Apathy or Action depicting foaming detergents, raw sewage, green and blue industrial discharges, gasping fish and algae-laden streams in the Maumee River Watershed. This update, produced in 2002, explores the many water quality improvements made in the 30 years since the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972 and demonstrates the need for continued actions by many of the 1.7 million people living in the three-state watershed.

Green Sells
Green Sells is a video on the reasoning behind construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) that focuses on the cost-benefits of compliance and project management.

A Watershed Mentality
A documentary about the problems of sediment and erosion in the Maumee River Basin.  The Maumee River is the largest tributary and watershed in the Great Lakes and deposits millions of cubic yards of sediment into Lake Erie yearly.  Sediment and contaminants from various non-point source pollutants lead to water quality issues such as algal booms; expensive dredging; loss of habitat and added treatment of drinking water. This project was undertaken by the Fort Wayne City Utilities, the Allen County (IN) Partnership for Water Quality, and WFWA PBS 39 Fort Wayne.